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Successful sales people talk about how they do it

Get the secrets of success from the most successful people in Egypt!  Al Hadaf Podcast is a masterclass session with top business leaders in the region. Engage with them, learn their secrets, and become a better entrepreneur!  Join Ahmed Abdel Salam, every Sunday at 4:00 PM,  as he hosts the most successful commercial leaders

in Egypt for an interactive and engaging masterclass to learn about their habits and practices.  If you aspire for a successful career journey in the commercial business, thenAl Hadaf Podcast is your first step to success!


A MasterclassIn football, strikers are the ones who make the most difference on every team. Strikers are not limited to sports, they are needed in every facet of life.  

Al Hadaf is a program that celebrates the strikers of every business, who make the difference and who take their brand to the next level. Ahmed Abdel Salam is a shining star in the retail business in Egypt and in this program he interviews the gurus of the retail market. Ahmed Abdel Salam's mission is to inspire the younger generation to maximize their potential and reach their dreams.

Be sure to listen to Al Hadaf with Ahmed Abdel Salam every Sunday!

لنجاح في الأعمال في متناول يدك

: انضم إلى أنجح القادة التجاريين ورجال المبيعات في مصر للاستفادة من خبراتهم الحياتية وأهم الدروس المستفادة. تعرف على عاداتهم وممارساتهم ، حتى تكون أكثر نجاحًا في الأعمال التجارية. انضم الآن وابدأ رحلتك إلى النجاح اليوم!