Money Talks - Ahmed El Alfi

July 29, 2022
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Ahmed El Alfi, the godfather of entrepreneurship in Egypt and the Middle East, is an internationally recognized business guru and one of the most creative people in the world, according to "Fast Company." From 2010 to 2013, he founded Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs, Nafham, and TATP/The GrEEK Campus, and each organization has contributed to the maturity of the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt. Alfi is our special guest in this episode of "Money Talks" by Hossam Heiba.

In this episode of Money Talks, Hossam and Alfi document the journey of the VC arena in Egypt. Come and join us to learn more about Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs, and The GrEEK Campus, the value that each brings to investee, how a startup is being assessed, lessons learned, and the right approach for a successful exit, and much more.  Seriously, this is not a talk that you want to miss!

About Ahmed El Alfi

Named as one of the most creative people in the world by Fast Company, from 2010-2013 Ahmed El Alfi founded Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs, Nafham, and TATP/The GrEEK Campus.

Sawari Ventures is a North Africa-focused venture capital firm investing with top entrepreneurs to build the region’s best companies. Flat6Labs is the MENA region’s leading startup accelerator managing investment funds in 7 countries.  

Nafham is an Arabic online video educational platform covering the Egyptian, Saudi, and Syrian public-school curriculums. TATP took over management of half of the American University in Cairo’s Tahrir Square campus to form The GrEEK Campus; a 25,000 square meter office park where over 130 companies work and collaborate and now has a 10,000 square meter Cairo west Campus at Mall of Arabia.

He has been an early stage/growth investor for over 30 years, translating to an extensive experience in funding and nurturing early-stage companies. In 1990, he founded Hybrid Capital Partners, a private investment partnership. Hybrid Capital funded, helped grow
, and exited several companies.

He has served and continues to serve on the Boards of Directors or Advisors of several corporate boards and academic institutions.


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