SDGs بالعربي - Michael Cooke

February 09, 2021
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In this episode, Dr. El Sayed Torky is interview Michael Cooke in an insightful talk about sustainability, its impact and qualities of sustainability leaders.  Michael Cooke, is the Vice President for social and environmental responsibilities at Jabil, has held senior HS&E positions in various industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Inks and Coatings to Engineering. He has run a chemical business unit and led Mergers and Acquisition activities, he has also been responsible the successful growth of a Business Unit and led M&A activities. In these roles he has lead the business to world class performance against industry peers and top centile when benchmarked against all industries. Michael is going to shed light on how can we have a big impact on making the world more sustainable, What is Jabil’s contribution to sustainable society and how can education be an instrumental tool to create sustainable future.


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